Resolving Conflicts in Marriage the Biblical Way

  Conflict means a disagreement or clash between ideas, principles, or people. It is a state of opposition and fight-clashing of opposed interest. The original peace, stability and harmony being enjoyed in the union previously are being threatened. Conflict may be as simple as a minor misunderstanding, tension, strife, and could be as great as […]

Healthy living achieved through eating right.

   Health is the general condition of the body or mind, especially in terms of the presence or absence of illness, injuries or impairments. Once you are free from sicknesses and diseases; even if you do not have much money, at least, you have a good health which is more than what money can buy. […]


Did you know that there is more to that fish on your table. Fish is a healthful food that is low in saturated fat, high in protein and an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The following are benefits of fish to the human body: 1. Fish […]

Motivation and How to Strengthen It

Have you been wondering what motivation looks like? If you knew what motivation is, have you been wondering how and what to do in order to strengthen it? Here is an article designed to answer those questions of yours. What is motivation? Motivation is the inner power that pushes you toward taking action and toward […]


Are you addicted to porn and wish to be set free? As a child of God, watching pornography creates a demacation between you and God. If you are in this snare, it is time for you to consider and examine your life. The Bible makes us to understand that: our body is the temple of […]


Are you an anatomist? Do you wish to study anatomy in the university and you are confused on some issues like: place of work? then, this is an article you need to read: Who are we (anatomists)? and what do we do?   Anatomists are biological scientists who study the structure of living things. Most […]


With reference to the above topic; the world as we have it today is a global village. In other words, the barriers separating one country from another, continent from another are fast collapsing. The world denotatively means the earth (various countries) including all its inhabitants and the things upon it. It may also refer to […]